Naomi Majors

AYC was a life shaking, spiritually impacting, and eye opening experience for me. The eyes of so many people, young and old were completely empty and seemed to be pleading for help. The feeling that I got when I realized I had exactly what they were longing for shook me. Their need for God changed me forever. I have the gospel. I have the answer that they are searching for.

Naomi Majors Apostolic Youth Corps
Justin Michael

AYC truly was a blessing to my life and the ministry that God has called me to. I personally believe that every young person who feels the call of God upon their life and desires to pursue His mission should find a way to “GO” with AYC.

Justin Michael Apostolic Youth Corps
Elyssa Venturini

AYC changed my life. My desire to reach out and witness to hungry souls was both ignited and deepened on this trip. This was an incredible experience and something I will carry with me the rest of my life.

Elyssa Venturini Apostolic Youth Corps
Nathan Harrod

AIM was an open door to work in the kingdom of God.  It was during that time that God poured into us and we developed a greater passion for apostolic revival. AIM gave us the opportunity as a young couple to develop through hands-on ministry and leadership experience.

Nathan Harrod – Missionary to Spain Associates in Missions

AIM was the beginning of life as we now know it. It prepared us for every step we currently take based on learning from past trials, experiences, sermons, saints & cultures. If God calls you, he will equip you. You are but currency in His Hands and He knows how to spend you.

Shane Hayes – Missionary to Chile Associates in Missions
Nick amd Pam Sisco

AIM was the catalyst that confirmed and affirmed my missionary calling and offered me a wide variety of ministry opportunities. These opportunities allowed me to discover and develop the gifts God had deposited within me. AIM has helped make me who I am today.

Nick Sisco – Missionary to Ghana Associates in Missions

I wouldn’t trade my five years of AIM for anything. They were tremendous years of growth in my life. It was during these years that I came out of my shell and used my gifts for the glory of God.

Pam Sisco – Missionary to West Africa Associates in Missions
Brad Regina Thompson

While on an International Youth Corp trip in 1983 God opened my eyes to the great need for missionaries and called me to minister to the Spanish people. Two years later God opened the door to go on AIM to Guatemala. Three years on AIM gave us the needed hands on training for missionary appointment in 1989. We are in our 28th year of exciting service in Guatemala and it all started with IYC and AIM!

Brad and Regina Thompson – Missionaries to Guatemala Associates in Missions

The Aim program has been one of the largest spiritual foundations in my life. I remember the excitement I felt as I opened up the post office box and the white envelope containing my Aim Application arrived. Imagine the horror as my boss was not equally excited as I asked for a month without pay to travel to teach students about Jesus.  Being on AIM taught me the importance of listening to God, being in daily communication with him., and how to sustain myself on his word. I developed a passion and boldness for reaching the lost. That month I taught “The Life and Times of Jesus Christ” in four different islands. The Lord out-did himself by filling 64 with the Holy Spirit. When I returned to my job- I was hooked. I began saving for my next adventure. You will never feel more alive than you feel when you step out on faith and follow God to new AIM adventures.  Are you ready to embark on an adventure of a lifetime? Download your application today! Your journey awaits!

Cylinda Nickel – Office Manager, MK Ministries Associates in Missions
Children's Ministry

In 2013, UPCI Children’s Ministries was involved with seven crusades in North America. In these crusades, 753 were filled with the Holy Ghost. The youngest, age 3, was from the South Texas District and the oldest was 87 from Kentucky. The 87 year old man came to the altar to pray and ran out of breath. We placed a chair for him to sit down and rest. He arose from the chair to pray for the second time, and ran out of breath & and sat down. He was determined to receive the Holy Ghost and the third time upon standing, in less than a minute; God filled him with the Holy Ghost! Children’s Crusades reached an 87 year old man! It’s never too late, for even a man at 87 to have the New Birth experience. Children’s Crusades work for all age groups.

Steve L. Cannon – UPCI Children’s Ministries Children’s Crusade Associate