Fundraising platform designed to assist in saving for short-term mission work.

Inspiring young adults and children to respond to the call of God for their lives.

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Who Are We

Mission Possible is a program of the United Pentecostal Church International

This program serves as an online fundraising platform uniquely designed to assist in saving for short-term mission work. Accounts can be started by or for a mission participant, and then shared for online gifting by friends, family, or any interested party. Accounts can be started for children as young as newborn, or young adults can manage their own pages.

About Us The Process

  • Encourage Missions Involvement
  • Facilitate Missions Fundraising
  • User Friendly & Effective Tool
  • Quick & Easy Account Setup
  • Short & Long Term Investing
  • Small Initial Investment
  • No account or processing fees
  • Recurring Automated Withdrawals
  • Interest Earning Account

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Mission Endeavors

Mission Possible funds can be designated for involvement by the beneficiary in these short-term mission endeavors.
Each of these ministries and programs are sponsored by UPCI ministries.

Endeavors Partners