Frequently Asked Questions

Use of Funds

For what kind of trips and mission efforts can Mission Possible funds be used?

Can these funds be used for a Church-in-a Day project?

Can an individual open a Mission Possible account for themselves?

Must the funds be used only for specified mission efforts?

Can the funds be used as a college scholarship fund or education savings fund?

Can the funds be used to attend a UPCI endorsed Bible college?

Changes and Transfers

Can my funds go toward my Passport?

Can my funds go toward my airfare?

Are donations tax deductible?

What if a beneficiary chooses to not use the funds personally for a Mission Possible endeavor?

If the beneficiary decides not to use the funds and the funds are not transferred or redesignated by the account holder where does the money go?

If a beneficiary decides not to participate in a Mission Possible endeavor, can the money be given to the missionary on location?

Are Mission Possible funds transferrable?

Can I withdraw my funds for personal use?

How do I request funds and how long does it take for me to get the funds after I have submitted my request?

If I do not have a beneficiary, can I assist another beneficiary or cause?

Can you change the beneficiary more than once if the 2nd choice doesn’t work out either?

Will the full amount I invest go toward the beneficiary?

Will the interest earned be transferred if the account is transferred into another beneficiary’s name?

If I have more than one beneficiary with an account, can I transfer funds from one beneficiary to another if one decides not to use the funds or has more funds than he/she needs for their missions endeavor?

If my beneficiary decides not to use the funds, and I donate the funds to be designated by the UPCI would I be eligible to receive a tax deductible contribution receipt?

What if the intended missions program ceased to exist? Would I have the option of retrieving my funds?

Eligibility Requirements

Can a non-UPCI member open an account?

Can a non-UPCI member donate to a Mission Possible account?

What kind of requirements does the beneficiary have to meet to be eligible to participate in a missions endeavor?


What are the benefits of creating a Mission Possible account vs. creating a savings account myself?

What are the benefits of creating a Mission Possible account rather than giving toward a missions endeavor through my church?

What are the benefits to the organization vs. creating a savings account myself?

Terms and Timelines

Is there a time limit to when the funds have to be used?

Does the account ever expire?

Is it possible to choose a short term fundraising option?


What is the minimum amount required to start a fund?

What is the minimum gift amount?

What is the minimum monthly automatic draft amount?

How much do I have to have in my fund account before I can start earning interest?

Does it cost to open a fund account?

Is there a monthly or yearly maintenance fee for each fund account?

Is there a limit of how much can be invested at one time?

How much interest will be paid and how often?

How secure are my account funds?

Who handles the investments of funds?

Will the account holder or beneficiary have to pay taxes on the interest earned?

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