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Apostolic Man Ministries

The Apostolic Man Ministry is the active pursuit of men in order to connect them to God, His Word, and other men for the purpose of winning, growing, and training God’s man in Christ. Answering the call to mobilize apostolic men – to motivate them to get their hands into the harvest – this ministry is striving daily:

  • To link the many and myriad ministries to men across our fellowship
  • To establish and communicate an attainable agenda for those efforts
  • To develop and disseminate meaningful resources for men

In addition to building a world-wide brotherhood of believing men, this ministry is helping provide the venue in which men can bring their gifts to the kingdom table and make a tangible, timeless difference locally, as well as globally.  For more information about the Apostolic Man ministry visit our website.

Global Missions logo

Global Missions

The mission statement of Global Missions, United Pentecostal Church International is:

“To every tribe and nation – JESUS. Send the message; train messengers; produce self-supporting, self-propagating, self-governing churches; and establish fellowship in truth and holiness.”

Our purpose is to preach the gospel of Christ Jesus; to publish and distribute religious literature; to establish new churches; to send forth missionaries; to perform any other duties connected with religious work, and to help in any way possible to meet the needs of local churches.

The objective of the United Pentecostal Church in organizing Global Missions is to proclaim the whole Gospel to the whole world by sending forth God-called men and women in obedience to the Great Commission. “Go ye into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature” (Mark 16:15). We also endeavor to train national workers and ministers that they might, in fulfillment of the Great Commission, be able to evangelize and give leadership to the churches among their own people and provide missionary outreach to other nations.

We create, by the power of the Word of God and the working of the Holy Spirit, a love for truth, peace and holiness that will bind the church, in an international/global fellowship, to the heart of God and produce the bride of Christ from among every nation, tribe, and tongue in the whole world (Revelation 5:9).

For more information visit the Global Missions website.

Ladies Ministries logo

Ladies Ministries

Ladies Ministries is an exciting, vibrant ministry of the United Pentecostal Church International made up of women across North America. We have sister groups around the world who work faithfully and untiringly for the sake of spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ in their own and other lands. It is exciting to know that God included a place in the body of Christ for women, and that we have been given freedom to work in the various missions and ministries for which we have a burden.

The mission of Ladies Ministries is to equip and mobilize apostolic ladies of the world for service in the kingdom of God; to maintain a spirit of cooperation with the various ministries of the organization; to preserve apostolic doctrine; and to maintain and transmit the heritage of the past to the present and future generations through teaching and by example.

The many facets of our worldwide work and vision are detailed on our website. Please visit the Ladies Ministries website for more information.

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North American Missions

North American Missions is a vital key to reaching our under-churched continent.  Some North American Missionaries establish churches in great cities like Detroit, Seattle and Quebec City. Other missionaries feel called to places like Watertown, South Dakota; Athabasca, Alberta; and Cottonwood, Arizona. Partnership with a North American Missionary opens the door to the pain and excitement of “real world” evangelism and disciple-making. As a partner your work will be similar to being part of the birth of a brand new baby!  There is nothing in the world quite like the work being done by missionaries here in North America.

For more information about North American Missions visit their website.

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The Stewardship Group

The Stewardship Group mission is: To build trust and provide solutions based on Biblical Stewardship Principles for Ministries, Churches, and Individuals.

To fulfill this mission The Stewardship Group has put together resources for pastors, churches and church members. These resources are classified under several areas:

For more information about The Stewardship Group please visit our website.

CM logo

UPCI Children’s Ministries

The mission of UPCI Children’s Ministries is to assist the whole church in developing and maintaining a growing and effective Sunday School. We train, equip, and motivate workers to evangelize and nurture spiritual development among people of all ages with special emphasis on children’s and singles’ ministries.

For more Information visit UPCI Children’s Ministries website.

UPCI Youth Ministries

UPCI Youth Ministries

The mission of UPCI Youth Ministries is to serve the local churches of the United Pentecostal Church International, partnering in their efforts to evangelize and disciple young people into becoming fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ. Our Method:

  • Providing training programs for youth and those involved in youth ministry.
  • Providing missions opportunities for exposure to evangelism.
  • Providing resources for evangelism and discipleship.
  • Perpetuating spiritual growth through ministries and events geared toward youth.
  • Engaging youth and churches in missions and ministry through Sheaves for Christ.

For more information visit UPCI Youth Ministries website.