The Process

Below is a step by step process that will take you from the starting line to the finish line of the Mission Possible program. The starting line is creating an account. The finish line is a beneficiary participating in a future short-term mission endeavor. If you don’t find all the information you are looking for, please select the FAQ’s quicklink for more information. If you desire to invest in a Mission Possible account that is already created you can visit the campaign list page that will display all MP accounts.

Step 1

Create a Mission Possible account

Select “Create an Account” Input your information and register.

Step 2


Mission Possible is a fundraising tool that allows contributors to designate a specific individual as the beneficiary, in many instances, relatives of the contributor. Therefore, tax deductible receipts are not provided to contributors of gifts to this program. Each contributor will be prompted to indicate their understanding that they will not receive a tax deductible statement. A receipt of recognition will be generated by e-mail for each gift to Mission Possible.

Step 3

Placement of gifts in accounts

Every gift will be applied to the individual account selected. This will typically be for an individual but can also be for a field of interest. If a field of interest is chosen, the UPCI division responsible for that particular missions endeavor will make the decision how that money will be used and distributed for the designated cause.

Step 4

Interest earned

Quarterly, the United Pentecostal Foundation will contribute an established amount of interest earnings into each account. This will show up in the Mission Possible Fund pro-rata of each individual account.

Step 5

Use of the fund

When the beneficiary is ready to utilize funds from a Mission Possible account, they may request the account balance no less than 30 days in advance of the “needed-by-date”. The funds will be disbursed directly to the UPCI division that is sponsoring the mission endeavor. That division will apply the funds toward the expense of the endeavor. If funds remain in the Mission Possible account following the beneficiaries’ involvement, the funds will remain in the beneficiaries’ name for future involvement in another short-term mission endeavor. Fill out the Funds Request Form here.

Step 6

What if a beneficiary chooses to not use the funds personally for a Mission Possible endeavor?

If an individual chooses to forfeit the money placed in their Mission Possible account, they can request the money be moved to another individual who has an account or to a field of interest account. They can also give the account balance to the mission program of their choice for use as a scholarship for someone who needs financing for a missions endeavor. For more answers to your questions visit the FAQs page.

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