Mission Possible is a program of the United Pentecostal Church International

This program serves as an online fundraising platform uniquely designed to assist in saving for short-term mission work. Accounts can be started by or for a mission participant, and then shared for online gifting by friends, family, or any interested party. Accounts can be started for children as young as newborn, or young adults can manage their own pages.

Our Mission

The mission of the church was clearly established by Jesus in Matthew 28:19. We are to go, teach, and baptize all nations. The vision of the UPCI is the whole gospel to the whole world by the whole church.

This mission is possible!

  • We have the right message.
  • We have effective mission endeavors.
  • We have the financial resources.
  • We have available missionaries.

Mission possible is designed to bring these four critical compnents together in one powerful program. We can fulfill the vision of the UPCI by working together to position generations of apostolic students for intentional and focused involvement in fulfilling the mission of the church. Exposure to ministry opportunities will give birth to a burden and that burden will lead our children and youth toward a path of future significance through service in the kingdom of God.

Our Objectives

Mission Possible seeks to:

  • Encourage and inspire the current generation of teenagers and young adults and the next generation represented by our children to respond to the call of God for their lives.
  • Provide a simple yet effective fundraising tool for family and friends to finance a beneficiary’s future involvement in the kingdom of God through a mission endeavor.
  • Create a deployable team of short-term missionaries

Consider hosting a Mission Possible service at your church to challenge parents and grandparents to immediately begin investing funds in an account that will allow their child to be a Pentecostal Missionary for one week, two months, six months, or one year. A Mission Possible service would not be a request for an offering for any UPCI division, but would position us two decades from now to increase the young missionaries we have here in North America and around the world.

Mission Possible Partners

Mission Possible is a joint venture of multiple divisions and departments of the United Pentecostal Church International. The purpose of this program is to assist in fulfilling the mission of the church and the vision of the UPCI: The whole gospel to the whole world by the whole church.