Lorin Bradbury

Veteran church planter Lorin Bradbury (Bethel & Toksook Bay, Alaska) hosts a Bible college intern each year. One such protege spoke of the gain from being in a setting where the pastor was so genuine and accessible. That person has now gone on to be a pastor applying the principles he learned while on a “Mission Possible” type experience.

Lorin Bradbury NAM Internships

Jeremy Bosse came to the south shore of Montreal on a short term project to help Career Church Planter Scott Grant. Bro. Grant pastors multiple churches so Jeremy was able to get extensive pulpit time and do things that tend to only happen in an aggressive missions setting. Quebec is a province that will be aggressive in seeking assistance through “Mission Possible.”

Jeremy Bosse NAM Internships
Jerald Staten

Veteran church planter Jerald Staten (Washington, D.C.) hosts numerous interns each year. These interns participate in Home Bible Studies at all hours of the day and early, early morning. Bro. Staten would be a great place to spend time on a “Mission Possible” project.

Jerald Staten NAM Internships