Missouri Youth on Missions

Missouri Youth on Missions (MO-YOM) is operated through the Missouri Youth Department of the UPCI with the goal of connecting people to the mission of the church on a global level. This program has successfully connected students and young adults to the mission field since 2006 and has seen many great testimonies from it. Travelers are plugged into various areas of ministry during these trips and many have entered into ministry roles, some even finding themselves working on the mission field.

MO Youth on Missions works directly with UPCI missionaries and churches as God allows us to assist these works. While this is program is operated through the Missouri District, applications can be submitted from anyone meeting the traveler requirements.

More information about MO-YOM and trip applications can be found by visiting


Contact the MO-YOM Coordinator, Rev Randall Lee, by emailing rlee@moyouth.com.

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