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His Purpose is Truly, My Passion

Lauren Moran


   I want to attend an AYC trip because it will not only change my life but those around me. I have applied for the 2019 AYC Japan trip, and I know that I am going because God has told me so. The whole purpose of living for God is not only for our salvation, but so we can show others the way to salvation. That’s exactly what AYC trips are made to do. As an Apostolic, Pentecostal I have the desire, and the power to save the lost, so I am going to do everything I can to cast out the darkness in people’s lives and show them the light. Mark 16:15- “And he said unto them, Go ye into the world, and preach the gospel to every creature.”

   My passion is to go out into the world, like Mark 16:15 says, and show others the truth. I have always felt a calling to do missionary work because we were put on this earth to gain truth, then show others the way to salvation. Using my experience in this 2019 AYC trip, I can share how God can move, and how I could minister to those around me. I have always felt a calling to Japan, and I never knew why until I came across AYC a couple years ago. As I was driving about a year ago (before the AYC 2019 destinations came out) God just told me that I was going to go to Japan and minister to the people there. When I saw that Japan was a destination for the 2019 AYC trips, I just started crying and praising God because I knew it was God telling me to apply. I haven’t been accepted yet, but I know this is God’s will and that I am going to go. Even the thought of ministering to the Japanese people have brought me so much joy already, and I can’t wait until the trip. I just want to be an example to them while I’m there and be able to show them the light that I have.

    I want to be able to use my talents such as singing, playing keyboard, and my knowledge of Japan to minister. To be able to show others how to worship and how to pray and seek God, would be a blessing in itself. Like Acts 6:4 says; “I want to give myself continually to prayer and to the ministry of the word”, and then show others how to. I feel like it is time for me to be an example now that I have truth and am willing to live for God to the fullest. I desire to show others truth and salvation. I want to fast and pray before I go on this trip, I really feel like it is going to be life-changing for the people of Japan that I am going to get to witness to. When I go there I want to leave such an impact of how amazing God is, and hopefully, In Jesus name, it will change their lives forever. My goal is to push back the darkness and fear that cripple so many people and fill that empty void in their life with the only thing that can truly fill it, Jesus. I refuse to let this darkness take over so many people, I want to be that light that people look at, so they can take some of that light for themselves. Then multiply that light and share it with someone else.

   I would be so blessed to be able to minister in Japan and to experience the joy of ministering to the people there. My ultimate goal is to be to bring happiness and joy to their lives using the love of God. I want to show them that there is more to life than just “going through the motions”. Overall, I want to attend this AYC trip to Japan because it will be life changing for me, the people of Japan, those close to me, and strangers. I will have a testimony to share, and a desire to share it. With this Holy Ghost power in me, I desire to show others the way out of the darkness and into his marvelous light.

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