Emily Apala for Apostolic Youth Corps

Young adult
Apostolic Youth Corps

I was at a youth service at my district camp meeting when they showed the destinations for AYC 2020. I had wanted to go on an AYC trip for quite some time but this night, I truly felt an urging to go. I asked God to show me where to go and the word "Vietnam" just kept standing out to me. I began to look into the Asian destinations and when I read the description for Vietnam and saw that they have 96 million souls who need the gospel, I was so overwhelmed it brought me to tears. This only heavied my burden. Things just began to fall into place after that night. I had felt a burden and draw to the Asian community but needed direction. Being so young, I had doubts of whether or not it was truly God or if it was me. A few months later as I sat on the floor in my home church, God gave me a vision of me with a young Asian child walking into a church building. I hope that by starting this Mission Possible account, I will not only be able attain the funds that I need, but I will also be able to share my burden with you. Thank you so much for donating!