Samuel Sangary for Associates in Missions

Fundraiser for Mission to Portugal (AIM)
Young adult
Associates in Missions

Hello everyone! I am so excited for the opportunity to be going to Portugal in October of this 2019 year, but I need your help to make sure I get there. I will be traveling with one other young adult to this wonderful country to serve at two different churches in Portugal for 9 weeks. My friend Nate and I were chosen for this mission and we could not be more humbled/grateful. We will be cleaning, maintaining, preaching, and teaching at these two churches. We've been entrusted with such a great task to help continue the work that is already being done in Portugal and can't wait to report back to you all the signs wonders we will witness. Please that God goes before us and that He flows through us. I know many will be filled with the precious gift of the Holy Ghost and be baptized in the only saving name, the name of Jesus Christ. Please consider helping me with this trip. I have a goal of $1000 and I know that you will be blessed as you bless me. I pray that God blesses you mightily and thank you for reading through this. Let's do great things for God this 2019!