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It all began in February 2022, where I went to a conference in SC and Sis. Seneatha Clayton spoke on Apostolic Youth Corps (AYC) Mission’s trip. In her message, she urged anyone who would listen to consider going on a trip because it’s a life changing experience she felt every person should experience.

Growing up, I’ve always watched my friends go on mission’s trips and I’ve always wanted to go. However, I never felt like I was qualified to go. Yet as Sis. Clayton continued to speak on it, I felt a tug in my heart and God telling me that it’s time for me to start sowing seed on the ground. I know my prayers go global without me having to step foot in the country itself, but I knew that this was God telling me it’s time to get out of my comfort zone and go.

I stayed updated on AYC announcements, specifically trip locations. Once they were announced, I prayed and asked God where he wanted me to go. Immediately, my heart was calling for the Czech Republic. For multiple reasons, Eastern Europe is a dream for me because of the culture, people, languages, and the history of that region. Most importantly, being close to Russia and Ukraine, countries that are currently going through war right now, I sensed there was a need for me to be there.

After much prayer and seeking counsel from my Pastor, I applied to Czechia and was accepted shortly thereafter.

My prayer is that I can make an impact on this beautiful country. I ask that you can pray alongside me that everyone on this trip will be used by God to fulfill His will in the Czech Republic. That there is a great harvest and revival in this country. Pray that the moment we step foot on foreign soil, we’re bringing a change in the atmosphere. That the enemy is subdued under our feet. That there are no distractions, hindrances that will block the flow of God. That even after we leave the country, the work will continue because it’s only just begun.

I’ve always heard the saying, “Some give by going, and some go by giving.” It is a great need for me to raise money for this trip, (specifically $3,150) I know that God will provide. I’m asking if you feel God speaking to you to support me in this mission, to give what you feel led to.

Thank you for your prayers and support on this trip. I’m excited that on June 16-26th, I will be going on my first ever mission’s trip to the Czech Republic.

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