Deanna Rodgers for Apostolic Youth Corps

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Apostolic Youth Corps

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This Summer, I have been given the privilege to attend an AYC trip to Greece. I had considered applying to go on an AYC trip for several years, but quite honestly, I felt it was something that was far beyond my reach. This past year, I felt an urgency in my spirit to step out from my timidity and trust that He would make a way for me to attend. In August, two months before the application process was to go live, I received a substantial bonus from work: I took it as a sign and immediately set it aside for the trip that I believed (by faith) I would be attending. Long story short, The bonus I received more than covered my first payment! Since that time, the Lord has continued to pour out blessings, only further confirming to me that this is His will for me in this moment-my time is now. It’s time to GO!

Apart from payments for the trip in general, I am responsible for the following:

Departure/return flights–Any luggage fees–Any food at the Airport, etc;               The list continues!

If you would like to help me in any way, I know God will bless you! 

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